PDM announces local focus for AD plant construction


PDM has confirmed the companies that will build its industry-leading ReFood anaerobic digestion (AD) plant in Doncaster. To construct the £12m plant, PDM has appointed a number of local companies, as well as bringing expertise from Europe.

Keen to utilise local businesses, PDM invited 10 regional companies to tender for the project. Britcon (Scunthorpe) Ltd, a civil engineering company, has been appointed as principal contractor to oversee the project and construct a new dedicated office and amenities block for the AD plant, which is highly energy efficient, in line with the rest of the project.

Meanwhile, architects, John Hill Associates from Doncaster, will manage all design and construction throughout the eight month build which recently commenced. Local contractors will also be employed throughout the project to undertake installation work such as electrics and specialist piping systems.

PDM has also brought across European expertise in AD plant construction through Bigadan A/S, one of Europe’s leading providers in the design, manufacture and operation of AD plants and Form-tec, a German company specialising in the construction of concrete biogas digesters.

Clarke Energy, the UK’s leading provider of power generation will provide engines and generators suitable for use with biogas.

PDM’s ReFood plant will also include an innovative depackaging plant which will include equipment supplied by TMA, who provided similar equipment for plants built for PDM’s German partner, SARIA.

Philip Simpson, commercial director at PDM, comments: “We’re delighted to have identified all the key partners in the construction of our first ReFood plant in Doncaster. As a company, we are focused on supporting our local community and a key part of our selection process was inviting local contractors to tender and we’re very pleased to have two local companies delivering the build. 

“However, the ReFood technology is very new to the UK, so it was also important to bring in expertise from Europe to provide skills and knowledge in building a large-scale biogas plant.  We look forward to seeing the plant take shape over the coming months.”

Construction of PDM’s ReFood plant in Doncaster is now well underway and the plant will be operational from Summer 2011.  The company will shortly be recruiting management and operational personnel for the new facility.

To find out more about ReFood’s food waste recycling and collection service visit www.refood.co.uk

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