ReFood hits the road!


Businesses in South Yorkshire can now recycle all food waste into renewable energy as the Doncaster-based PDM Group launches its latest offering, ReFood. The service collects food waste such as off-cuts, peelings and unused ‘naked' and packaged food from local businesses across the region.

Collections are made in dedicated ReFood vehicles, which are based on a design from Germany where food waste recycling is an established practice. The vehicles operate differently to traditional waste collections and rather than the approach of emptying and leaving the bin on site, ReFood collects full bins of waste and exchanges them for empty, sanitised bins. As the UK's largest food waste recycler, PDM is able to process food waste using a number of innovative technologies to create renewable energy.

Core to the ReFood offer will be the state-of-the-art anaerobic digestion (AD) plant, which is being built at PDM's Ings Road site in Doncaster. Due to be operational later in 2010, the plant will enable PDM to generate energy from the food waste collected from a diverse range of local businesses - from bakeries, retailers and food manufacturers to hotels, restaurants and offices.

The new plant will handle up to 45,000 tonnes of food waste each year - material that would otherwise have been sent to landfill - and be capable of producing enough renewable energy to power 4,000 homes. Across the group, PDM operates a comprehensive suite of technologies which can divert every stream of food waste from landfill, and the addition of AD will further its recycling capabilities and will see the company generate enough energy from food waste to power more than 50,000 homes every year.

Richard Poskitt, regional manager for PDM's food waste service commented: "We are delighted to launch ReFood to the area and be able to help local businesses of all sizes recycle their food waste. Until now, we've worked mainly with businesses that are part of the food chain but with ReFood we're better placed to service organisations such as schools and hotels where food isn't their core business. We've already had a great response from local businesses in the South Yorkshire region as people are keen to find sustainable ways to recycle their waste."

The AD plant will also produce a nutrient-rich organic fertiliser that can be used by local farmers to replace fossil-fuel based products, providing the farms with a low-cost yet high quality fertiliser. This offers some strong environmental benefits, making the food chain a complete circle - with organic food waste providing the nutrients to support new crops.

To find out more about PDM's ReFood service visit or call 01302 390 968

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