Nortech Foods

At the very heart of the country’s largest animal oils and fats production facility you’ll find Nortech. With continuous 24/7 refining, production and packing processes the company delivers completely flexible and completely separate animal and vegetable based product ranges.

At each and every stage of production the highest standards of quality, consistency and efficiency are applied. With in-house laboratory batch testing and extensive, modern cold-storage resources, the capability is as diverse as the growing product range.

With rapid response despatch, delivery and order processing, Nortech offers a complete ‘requirement-to-fulfillment’ service in every key sector. It is the technology behind traditional tastes.

Consumer demand for healthier eating has driven producers towards healthier vegetable oils and fats – but surprisingly not at the expense of more conventional animal based cooking derivatives.

New Beef and Pork rendered drippings and specialities like Goose fat herald a new ‘taste’ renaissance.

However, Nortech has also invested heavily in vegetable oil packing facilities which now includes dedicated palm oil lines so increasing the product portfolio and market opportunities.

Top chefs, food technologists and end user consumers, all recognise the balance of ‘healthier’ eating with the ‘truer taste’ of more traditional frying, baking and roasting mediums.

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