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About us

SARIA’s operations in the UK are active in a wide range of sectors associated with the food chain. The Group’s companies manufacture quality products for use in human and animal foodstuffs, agriculture, aquaculture, and industrial applications.

The company also produces bio-fuels and renewable energy and provides services for farming and the food industry.

Founded as Prosper De Mulder in Doncaster in 1926, the company is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the worldwide SARIA Group and has a UK annual turnover approaching £280 million, employing over 1,000 people at 23 sites across the country.

Worldwide, SARIA Group operates over 200 sites, across 26 countries and employs over 13,000 staff.

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SARIA’s UK Operations:

Food Products & Services

SARIA operates a number of companies offering food products and services:

Nortech Foods operates the largest edible beef dripping and lard refinery and packing plant in the UK. The company supplies a range of edible fats and oils for retail, manufacturing and catering markets.

T.Quality provides a one-stop service for fish and chip shops and fast-food outlets across the country.

With 10 distribution centres, T.Quality is the only nationwide independent wholesaler for the fish and chip and fast food sector; supplying top quality fish, oils & fats and associated products to customers across the UK.

SARVAL – Pet Food Ingredients

SARVAL is the UK’s premier producer of dried, chilled and frozen meat ingredients for the European pet food industry. Read more

SARVAL – Category 3 By-Product Processing

SARVAL operates large-scale rendering plants handling category 3 animal by-products to produce a range of high quality fats and proteins. Read more

ReFood UK – Anaerobic Digestion of Food Waste

ReFood UK provides a range of food waste recycling services and is establishing a national network of anaerobic digestion plants.

Bio Fertilisers

SARIA produces a range of bio fertilisers from sustainable, recycled materials:

ReGrow high quality bio fertiliser which meets BSI PAS 110.

Kalfos provides farmers with a spreadable bio fertiliser that is rich in key nutrients including high amounts of calcium and phosphates.

SecAnim – Category 1 By-Product Processing & Renewable Energy

SecAnim developed the world’s first custom designed commercial animal by-product combustion plant; today SecAnim generates renewable electricity from biomass and produces bio-fuels for industry.

SecAnim provides Fallen Stock collection services to livestock farmers.

The company also operates category 1 rendering plants providing a safe, secure disposal outlet for animal by-products deemed unfit or unsafe for animal or human consumption. Read more

Specialist Joint Ventures

In addition to the wholly-owned and operated businesses, SARIA also operates joint ventures with specialist pet food partners; APC GB Ltd and SPF UK Ltd. Read more


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