Specialist Products

SARVAL’s depth of knowledge in its specialist areas of expertise is acknowledged world-wide.

It has led to the formation of a number of joint-venture enterprises with major international companies at the forefront of developing new technologies in food and by-product processing.

SARIA’s UK Pet Food Joint-Ventures


A partnership operation between SARIA and LGI Group, APC GB specialises in the collection and processing of animal blood.

The blood is processed through fractionation to produce haemoglobin for use in the aqua-culture industry; into albumen for use in pet foods, and into immunoglobin which is sold to pharmaceutical companies around the world.

SPF (United Kingdom) Limited, part of Symrise

SPF (United Kingdom) Limited is formed by SARIA and Symrise Pet Food, the global leader of high value solutions improving pets’ well being and owners’ satisfaction.

The entity operates a processing facility at SARIA’s Doncaster site producing complete solutions for pet food manufacturers.