Pet Food Ingredients

SARVAL are one of the largest suppliers of protein ingredients to the European pet food and aquaculture sectors. Using category 3 ABP materials from the meat and poultry sectors – material from healthy animals that would be fit for human consumption, but are not consumed for reasons of culture and customer choice – SARVAL produces chilled, frozen and dried ingredients.

SARVAL operates large scale processing plants across the UK that are amongst the most advanced preparation facilities in Europe. In keeping with SARIA’s strong focus on research and development, all of these plants have benefitted from significant investment in new technology and environmental control systems.

This ensures that product quality, safety and emissions standards are consistently second-to-none and that all processes comply with current legislation and operating permits.

Pets have specific nutritional requirements and are also highly sensitive to palatability and digestibility. SARVAL offers unique expertise in the development and production of nutritional ingredients for pets. Our tightly controlled and flexible processes enable us to provide a broad range of recipes to better meet the needs of the world’s largest petfood manufacturers.

The newly regenerated Hartshill plant produces a range of dried mixed-mammalian products as well as high quality animal fats for a wide variety of markets.