Energy Generation


PDM Group was the first company in the world to develop a dedicated, commercial combustion process to use animal by-products as a renewable fuel source, now part of SARIA the company continues to be committed to the development of innovative processes for the generation of renewable energy from biomass.

The technology to do this involved many year’s research by PDM Group. A pilot plant was commissioned at PDM Group’s Nuneaton site in 1997.

Based on the information and expertise gathered from the pilot plant, in 2000 PDM Group opened the world’s first commercial meat and bonemeal (MBM) combustion plant at Widnes, Cheshire.

Today, SecAnim’s bubbling fluidised bed (BFB) combined heat and power (CHP) combustion technology provides the benchmark for the disposal of meat industry residues.

SecAnim’s Widnes site is an integrated renewable energy and recycling plant; the first of its kind in the world.

As well as generating renewable electricity for the National Grid, the Widnes plant also supplies steam to the adjacent rendering operation.

The Widnes site has benefited from on-going large investments to increase the production of renewable electricity whilst at the same time reducing its environmental impact.

The latest stage of the investment program has seen the plant complete a wide-ranging refurbishment and modifications to enhance the production of combined heat and power.