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Horse meat mislabling

PDM Group confirms that it has no association with the Farmbox premises, or any other plant under investigation by the FSA for the illegal use of horse meat.

Farmbox is not a customer of PDM Group and the site is not authorised to use storage boxes, or any other equipment, from PDM Group. Legal steps are now being taken to recover equipment being used by the site without our approval.

As a supplier to the European Petfood Industry, Prosper De Mulder Ltd (PDM Group) collects Category 3 Animal By-Products from approved premises throughout theUnited Kingdomin compliance with current Legislation relating to Animal By-Products (EU Regulations 1069/2009 and 142/2011).

We do not collect from any of the UK plants approved to slaughter horses, or knowingly process Category 3 materials originating from the slaughter of horses within our petfood operations.

As the largest foodchain by-product recyclers in the UK, PDM is able to offer a unique portfolio of secure services to the sector. Any products recalled from sale due to the presence of horse meat will be recycled through anaerobic digestion or Category 1 rendering to generate renewable energy.