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Institute of Hospitality and PDM Group: working towards zero landfill

The Institute of Hospitality is now working closely with PDM Group, a market-leading provider of sustainable recycling and energy production services for the UK food and hospitality industry.

 “As an expert in its field, PDM Group is perfectly positioned to advise and inform our membership on all aspects of food waste recycling and we are delighted to welcome them to the Institute’s growing roster of Business Partners,” said PhilippeRossiter FIH, chief executive, Institute of Hospitality.

PDM provides a food waste collection service that covers every town and city in the UK, serving more than 15,000 shops, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants.  PDM takes away any type of food waste, including products in packaging.

PDM’s industry-leading processes, which include rendering, biomass to energy and anaerobic digestion, ensure that food waste is maximised as a resource. PDM’s portfolio of solutions handle both ‘naked’ and packaged food, recycling it into renewable energy, heat, fertiliser and pet food ingredients.

“Tackling food waste is becoming an important focus for hospitality businesses,” said Philip Simpson, commercial director at PDM.  “We will work in partnership with the Institute to provide greater understanding of the solutions that are available and how they can be easily integrated into a busy catering environment.”

In 2011, PDM Group launched Vision 2020, an initiative to eradicate the practice of sending food waste to landfill.  As part of the Vision 2020 initiative, a panel of key industry representatives, including Institute of Hospitality chief executive PhilippeRossiter FIH, are meeting regularly to discuss how businesses can work together to facilitate education in recycling food waste and minimise the amount of waste generated in the first place. The meetings are chaired by Lord Deben (John Gummer).

“For hospitality businesses, some food waste is unavoidable, yet finding alternatives to landfill not only makes sound business sense but may become imperative, given that research suggests we have only a few years left before the UK’s landfill space is all used up” commented PhilippeRossiter FIH.

By joining the Institute of Hospitality’s Business Partner Programme, PDM Group is declaring its support for the only internationally recognised body for professionals in the hospitality, tourism and leisure industry. PDM Group will be contributing in a most positive way to the development and increased professionalism of the industry.