New Association Will Strive to Cut Carbon Cost of UK Food


Britain will continue to lead the way in reducing the carbon cost of food production, according to the new Food and Biomass Renewables Association (Fabra).

Commenting on the launch of the new national trade assocation, Andy Smith CEO of PDM Group said: "Effective recycling of food industry by-products and the production of biomass can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of UK food. It is important, therefore, that we have a champion for these issues."

"Fabra will focus on the technical and communications challenges that hold the key to continued safe collection and reprocessing of food industry by-products and the recovery of valuable raw materials and energy."

PDM Group, the country's biggest food industry by-product service provider, is one of five founder Fabra members.

According to Fabra chief executive Stephen Woodgate, all five founder members are committed to renewable energy technologies and the recovery of valuable products from what many consider to be waste.

"FABRA members share responsibility for the majority of UK meat by-product processing," explains Mr Woodgate. "They underpin our foodchain, processing by-products, recovering used oils and producing green fuels."

"Some Fabra members also generate green energy to supply to the national grid."

To find out more about Fabra and the potential to reduce the carbon footprint of British food, go to

Foodchain and Biomass Renewables Association

Fabra is committed to bio-security in a low-carbon foodchain.

The Association aims to:
  • Pursue technical advances for its members and the industry it represents.
  • Promote foodchain and biomass recycling.
  • Represent members in dialogue with Government, its agencies, food chain partners and consumers

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