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PDM Group uses Formula 1 technology to prevent “shattered lives”

Every 25 minutes, someone breaks or fractures a bone at work according to the latest figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Last year in Yorkshire and Humber as a whole 4,466 people were injured costing the region almost £77 million.

PDM Group is very aware of the costs that can be incurred to workers and employers alike as a result of trips and slips in the workplace. PDM have pioneered the introduction of a new type of safety footwear for its employees in a successful bid to reduce slip related accidents.

In 2001 the company agreed to test a new type of footwear in a trial project organised by the Health and Safety Laboratory. The key component – the specially designed sole – was the brainchild of an engineer who designs tyre treads for Formula One cars.

The trial was a total success and the company immediately began to recommend the footwear to its employees nationwide, as its slip resistant properties, comfort and durability became apparent.

Andy Atkinson, Group Health and Safety Manager for PDM Group said:

“In the five years since we first tested the new footwear, we have recorded only one slip accident amongst staff wearing the new design”

“We have been greatly impressed by the new slip-resistant footwear. Not only do they last three to four times as long as other makes, they are also exceptionally comfortable. Although they are more expensive than the alternatives, the cost is more than offset by the extended durability, and the reduction in slip related accidents.”

Health and Safety Inspector Diane Etchell said:

“We have been very pleased with the measures PDM Group have put in place to reduce the risk of slip related accidents in their factory. Something as simple as changing the type of footwear issued to employees can have a dramatic impact on the number of accidents taking place.”