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PDM Oilsense voted best new supplier by KFC

PDM Oilsense has continued its award-winning form, after receiving the New Supplier of the Year 2008 Award from KFC. The award recognised the contribution that PDM’s innovative Oilsense system has made to more than 200 of its franchised restaurants through improved in-store operational efficiency achieved, by optimising oil use and removing the time-consuming process of changing it.

The award was presented to PDM Oilsense at the KFC UK 2009 Supplier Awards Ceremony and Dinner. Chris Fells, Director, Product Excellence, KFC said: “KFC was delighted to award PDM Oilsense with ‘New Supplier of the Year 2008’ at its annual supplier awards dinner on 24th March.”

“This award recognised the significant investment PDM Oilsense has made in developing a system that will enable KFC to reduce its environmental footprint whilst also maximising returns, and the total commitment demonstrated in testing and validating the system.”

The Oilsense system was devised to make changing and storing cooking oil easier and safer. As a result of removing manual handling of oil, health and safety and operational performance are improved, allowing employees to focus on serving customers.

Each Oilsense system uses a secure tank, clearing staff areas of smaller containers. The tank is monitored remotely by PDM, enabling the most efficient collection route to be planned, significantly reducing road miles.

Post-collection analysis provides data to KFC franchises to ensure that oil usage is at its optimum level, which improves food quality, saves costs and reduces oil waste.

Philip Simpson, commercial director of the PDM Group, adds: “We’re delighted to have been recognised by KFC in this way. Over the last two years, we’ve installed more than 200 systems across the KFC franchised network all of which have had an instant impact on restaurants.

The system is also making a big difference to the company’s environmental credentials by enabling less frequent collection and ensuring that all oil is turned into high quality biodiesel by our partners Argent Energy – helping KFC to work towards reducing its carbon footprint.”

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