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PDM strengthens its services to the farming sector

PDM Group has acquired the fallen stock collection business, assets and goodwill of Clutton (Agricultural) Limited, based in Wrexham, which provides a service collecting fallen stock for farmers in the North Wales and Midlands regions.

The business will be operated as part of PDM’s High Risk animal by-product division with the fallen farm animal stock transported to its Granox plant at Widnes for secure disposal via rendering and the Bubbling Fluidised Bed (BFB) plant.

PDM is part of the SARIA Group and provides fallen stock collection services throughout Europe, in addition to operating rendering plants at Widnes and Exeter, the BFB plant at Widnes and the Frome Vale fallen stock collection operation in South West England.

Philip Simpson, commercial director for PDM, comments: “The acquisition of Clutton’s fallen stock business is an important investment for us and it fits perfectly within our evolving portfolio of services. Over the coming weeks, our priority will be to develop the business to enhance the level and quality of service provided to customers in the local area and to members of the National Fallen Stock Company.”