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SecAnim Widnes – Investment Update November 2019

Phase 1 Investment

In December 2018 the SecAnim plant in Widnes completed Phase 1 of the Investment programme with the commissioning of the new Raw Material Handling Facility. The new building was completed at a cost of £6m and provides significant benefits for the health and safety of employees and the control and treatment of odour.

The new facility allows delivery vehicles to tip directly into receiving bins. The receiving bins are fully enclosed and interlocked with the entrance doors to ensure that odour emissions are minimised during tipping. The new building and the receiving hoppers are linked directly to the odour control extraction systems and the air is treated by the chemical scrubbing system before discharge to atmosphere.

The new facility is also equipped with fixed gas detection systems to further protect the health and safety of employees and contractors using the facility.

Phase 2 Investment

SecAnim were given approval for Phase 2 of the investment in late 2018 and work began on the new C1 process plant in Spring 2019.

A new process building adjoining the Raw Material Handling Facility is under construction and due for completion in early 2020. The investment plans include a new C1 processing plant, new switch room and new control room providing employees with a modern working environment.

During the first 2 weeks of November 2019 it will be necessary to remove some of the cladding on the rear wall of the new RMR to gain access to the steelwork. This is necessary to adjoin the two buildings together. During this period there will be temporary cladding and sheeting on the rear wall of the RMR building which will be removed and re-attached as works are completed. Following the completion of these temporary works the original cladding will be replaced on the new RMR building. All necessary measures will be taken to ensure that building integrity is maintained during these works.

The new plant is due for completion in Spring 2020.