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SecAnim Widnes – Update August 2018

The SecAnim plant in Widnes is currently in the process of constructing a new Raw Material Reception Building. The new building is due to be completed in November 2018 and will provide significant benefits for the health and safety of employees and the control and treatment of odour.

The new facility will allow delivery vehicles to tip directly into receiving bins. The receiving bins will be fully enclosed and interlocked with the entrance doors to ensure that odour emissions are minimised during tipping. The new building and the receiving hoppers will be linked directly to the odour control extraction systems and the air will be treated by the chemical scrubbing system before discharge to atmosphere.

Whilst the new facility is under construction there are some transitional arrangements with regards the use of the existing Raw Material reception building. In order to accommodate the footprint of the new building it was necessary to remove the existing Raw Material reception building airlock facility and provide an alternative entrance on the west side of the building. This means that during the transitional period vehicles are accessing the old Raw Material reception building via a single door prior to tipping.

The old building remains extracted to the odour control systems, however, there is a greater potential for odour emissions whilst vehicles are tipping without the provision of an airlock. This temporary position will end in November when the new facility is commissioned.

The new Raw Material Reception Building is the first phase of an investment programme which aims to further reduce the impact of the site’s activities and improve process efficiency and standards.