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UKRA Press Statement – Tallow burning and the Waste Incineration Directive

Representatives from the United Kingdom Renderers’ Association (UKRA) met on the 25th April with Mr Elliot Morley, Minister of State at DEFRA, for discussions regarding the application of the Waste Incineration Directive to the burning of tallow.

Legal issues were discussed along with the investigation study currently being undertaken by the European Commission, which is considering the appropriateness of the application of this legislation to the use of tallow as a fuel.

Progress was made, whereby the rendering industry will discuss with the Environment Agency (as the lead regulators) a strategy which will lead to compliance with the legislation and, at the same time, allow renderers to continue to use this product as an environmentally-beneficial fuel

As a result, the increase in charges for the processing of animal by-products* which had been announced by the rendering industry, and which were scheduled to be effective from 24th April 2006, is to be suspended pending the development of a compliance strategy as discussed with the Minister

Gordon Braide, Chairman of the UKRA, said “The meeting with Mr Morley was very constructive.

We believe it will lead to a satisfactory conclusion to the tallow and WID issue for all of us involved in meat production, as well as benefiting the environment significantly by reducing carbon emission levels.

* The cost of these increased charges to the meat and livestock production industries have been estimated at between £30 and £50 million per year