High Risk By-product Disposal

The EU Animal By-Product Regulations require that high-risk animal by-products sent for specialist disposal without undue delay. Alongside complying with the stringent legal requirements, the safe and secure disposal of high-risk materials such as fallen stock is essential to maintaining high levels of animal health and bio-security for the livestock sector in the UK.

Not all animal by-products are suitable for recycling into new products; quite the opposite in fact. The law is very clear in specifying those raw materials which are classified as potentially hazardous and which have to be carefully disposed of in a safe, secure and traceable manner.

This is where SecAnim, as part of SARIA, comes into play. The company, whose name is synonymous with security in animal processing, collects and processes these materials in line with legal requirements and the highest possible levels of hygiene.

SecAnim provides a unique fully integrated collection and processing service to the UK farming and meat production sector. SecAnim is the only service provider in the country operating the full secure disposal chain – including its own collection vehicles, secure processing plants and combustion plant where the finished products are safely disposed of and converted into renewable energy.

Every stage of the disposal service is owned and operated by SecAnim – giving customers a reassurance of service integrity at a time when the safe disposal of all animal by-products is coming under increasing scrutiny from all stakeholders.

With a strong focus on research and development, SecAnim’s plants have benefited from continuous investment in new technology and environmental control systems to ensure that product quality, safety and emissions standards are consistently second-to-none and comply with all relevant legislation and operating permits.

SecAnim operates two Fallen Stock collection centres; both ideally located to serve key livestock production areas.

Click here for Government guidance on the safe disposal of fallen stock

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