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New recycling service offered to Fish & Chip shops

Increasing pressure is being brought to bear on the disposal of waste oils and fats through the controlled waste regulations; users of oil and fats have a legal duty of care to ensure their waste product is passed to an authorised collector.

The days of being able to give used cooking oil from out the back of a restaurant to a ‘man in a white van’ are now a thing of the past.

The demand for a ‘one-stop shop’ for the supply of quality oils alongside the provision of a safe disposal service has now been addressed by PDM Group and T.Quality, the UK’s number 1 supplier to the Fish & Chip sector.

PDM’s Accrington bio-fuel plant has combined with sister company T.Quality to offer Fish & Chip shops across the North of England an innovative new recycling service for their used cooking oils and fats.

T Quality can now arrange for their customers’ used oils to be taken away for processing by PDM Accrington; however unlike other ‘combined’ service providers the used oil will be collected by a dedicated PDM vehicle removing the risk of used oil contaminating fresh cooking oil supplies.

PDM Accrington processes the used cooking oils to produce a range of recovered oils which are then used for the production of biodiesel.

For further information please call:

T.Quality on 08708 505605 or
PDM Accrington on 01254 395716.

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